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Some Important Feng Shui Tips to Help You Sell a Home – Part 2












If you are unable to find the wealth/prosperity corner for the home seller as described in Part 1, then you can focus on the southeast corner of the home in general. This corner represents prosperity. Make sure that it is beautiful and a part of the home that you love to look at. Use the color gold (not gold leaf) in this area for prosperity. If you can't set up a fountain here, then hang pictures of flowing water in this area. You could also put a fish tank in this area. The homeowner should write down daily, short term and long term goals and put them in this area.

The Entrance to the Home: Part 1 mentions the importance of an attractive entryway. Remember that gold is an important color for the front door. Line the walkway to the house with plants, preferably plants in groups of three with red leaves or flowers. Make sure the address numbers are placed in this area and clearly visible by day and at night. This area should be lit well at night, so it is accessible to prosperity. Prosperity won't reach you, if it can't see how to reach you. Hang three Chinese coins tied together with red ribbon on the back of the front door handle. This attracts money that brings good luck. (Not all money brings good luck! Make sure it comes from a good source.) The length of the ribbon should be in increments of 9. The Chinese coins can be bought online and in health food or alternative bookstores. Make sure that this area is beautiful and uncluttered.

Bathroom: This part of the house should be kept simple and very clean. Do not hang pictures in the bathroom, place plants or activate it in any way. Soft pastel colors are best in this room. Finances can go down the drain very easily here, so make sure to keep the drains plugged when not in use. Keep the toilet seat cover down and the door to the bathroom closed. Do not burn candles in here or light incense.

Kitchen: In addition to last month's tips, remember that the kitchen is like the bathroom. You don't want to activate this area. Keep it simple, neat and clean and keep the drains plugged when not in use. The refrigerator should be bare with nothing tacked to it, including pictures/photos and lists. You are chilling your relationship with the people whose photos are on your fridge. In addition, if the fridge is next to the stove, then you could have problems. Put a piece of wood nearby: hang a cutting board or place it on a shelf above the area to counteract this conflict. Keep the stove clean and the burners in good condition. Use the burners alternately to create balanced energy. Don’t keep using the same burner. If a burner breaks down, fix it right away.

In general, focus on the space in a room. Less furniture is always better and it makes a home look bigger, of course. Play calming music to keep your thoughts focused on creating an easy sale. You may also want to leave this on in the background while the home is being shown. Prospective buyers will feel more at ease.

Get rid of dead plants and display silk flowers but no dried flowers.

Trim all outdoor plants and bushes and get rid of dead branches, clutter, etc. immediately.

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