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About Inspector Dan Fox

Dan Fox is a licensed Massachusetts Home Inspector with over 20 years as project manager in the construction and telecommunications field. He also has experience as a fiber optic technician and an apprentice electrician.


Accreditations and Licenses


  • Massachusetts Licensed Home Inspector #944

  • Certification in Indoor Air Quality Survey Sampling; Training included Home Sampling Parameters, Sample Media Preparation, Sample Pump Preparation, Chain of Custody, Sample Collection and Home Observations - PRISM Analytical Technologies



  • Home Inspector Training, Joseph P. Keefe Technical Continuing Education Program, Framingham, MA


  • High School Diploma, Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical Institute, Lexington, MA


November 10, 2020

Our inspector (Dan) was punctual, pleasant, incredibly well-informed, very clear in his explanations, helpful and appropriately balanced in his comments. He gave us information that we could use, and made clear which items were bigger than a breadbasket, and which were small items consistent with the age of the home. His inspection gave us confidence in the overall integrity of the home and its systems, and highlighted the few areas that we will need to pay attention to, both before closing and after. A first-rate experience, and an inspector that we would highly recommend! - Jeff and Mary Fuhrer

October 22, 2020

I have worked with 2 inspectors (Chris Gregoire and Daniel Fox) from Hawkeye and was so impressed. My inspectors were both highly professional, incredibly thorough and a genuine pleasure to work with. While searching for a home, I hired Hawkeye to inspect 2 historic properties that presented specific challenges and Hawkeye was able to give me the information I needed to make informed decisions about my purchase. And they did so very quickly! Highly recommended! - Rachel Cassidy

September 15, 2020


I cannot tell you enough how wonderful Dan was during the inspection and how patient he was. I feel like we got an education about the home's existing condition, and some important pointers for things to watch out for as home owners moving forward. Dan even helped answer questions about resources like MassSave. He captured every detail in his report. I don't even know how he managed to be so thorough and detailed, since there were so many small things we discussed. All of it ended up beautifully illustrated and noted in the report later that same day. I would never pass up an opportunity to have Dan or someone from Hawkeye take a look at a prospective property in the future, if we were ever considering another purchase. It's like getting a personal introduction to your new home. There were even features we hadn't noticed during the open house (like a heated bathroom floor) that were pointed out. In addition, we were shown how to operate all the features in the home that we might not be familiar with. I really felt like Dan was watching out for our safety and setting us up for success as home owners. If only the rest of the home buying experience could be so great! - Thanks, Sandra and Ned R.

August 2, 2020

Dan Fox was great! He was extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. We couldn’t ask for a better experience. The scheduling and friendliness from their office was also appreciated. I would highly recommend Dan and Hawkeye Home Inspections. - Nancy Fenton


July 6, 2020


Daniel Fox from Hawkeye was an exceptional house inspector. He was on time and did a great job assessing the house. He inspected each floor by himself first and summarized it afterwards. That allowed us to do our own inspection and walk around the property in the meantime. He treated us with respect, was very friendly, and even offered us water and cereal bars. Maybe most notably, he presented his findings objectively (and persistently) even in the presence of the seller's agent. Overall, definitely a recommendation (especially for Daniel), if you're looking for a company that gets the job done professionally and efficiently. - Markus Nemitz


April 18, 2020


I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on Beth's inspection. I appreciate the time you spent explaining the inspection process and educating her on some of the homeowner responsibilities. Beth felt very confident after working with you and has gone forward with the purchase – she hopes to close on April 29th. - Ed C.

March 10, 2020


Daniel Fox was our home inspector. He was methodical in working through the home outside and in. He had some excellent suggestions for both long term fixes and small touch ups we could work on. We feel more confident going into the home thanks to Daniel. - A. J. Geary

February 27, 2020

When I receive exceptional service, I like to share it with other potential users. I recently used Dan Fox and Hawkeye for my single family home inspection, as he was recommended by my broker. Dan was punctual, actually early, and was very professional and detailed. He explained what he was going to do so I knew exactly what to expect. He reviewed each floor on the house, the exterior and attic, pointing out both potential problems and pluses. The 99 page inspection report included over 200 pictures. Recommended maintenance and small repairs were also very useful.
I would strongly recommend Dan and Hawkeye for your inspection services. Well worth your time and money! - Eric P.

January 26, 2020


Very detailed and professional! Provided great recommendations and a detailed report, promised and delivered before midnight the day of our inspection! - Michael Sack

October 28, 2019


We worked with Dan Fox and the experience went way above our expectations. He took lots of photos and explained everything that would be in the report in layman's terms, making it easy for us to understand. I highly recommend Hawkeye and Dan! - Nirka Rosa


October 12, 2019


I own my business, and travel for work - a lot. I spoke with Dan before the inspection because I was going to be out of town, and asked him to be as thorough as possible so that there would be no surprises. Not only did Dan deliver, but he went above and beyond what I'd hoped for, and I am so grateful. His report contained hundreds of pictures and detailed reports on every feature of the home, and even after all that, he still spent time on the phone with me to go through the report remotely and make sure I understood everything. Thanks to his diligence I was able to confidently make an informed decision. My search for a new home continues, but I feel extremely fortunate to have been put in contact with Dan and plan to continue to call on him and his expertise in this and all my future property purchases. The rest of the team at the Hawkeye office was equally great to deal with, and took the time to communicate with me thoroughly and keep me informed. This team took a potentially stressful moment in the life of a home buyer and turned it into a situation wherein the homebuyer felt supported and advocated for - Thank you all so much. - Bianca Mauro,

BRM Production Management 

September 16, 2019

Daniel Fox did an exceptional job with my home inspection. He explained the issues found, answered every question I had, and went out of his way to show me potential fixes for some of the minor issues. I would not hesitate to use them again. - Hank Wallace


September 13, 2019


We just wanted to write a review on our inspection yesterday with Daniel Fox. He was fantastic. Very friendly, knowledgeable and made sure to explain everything that he was doing and looking for. His report was received the same day, very detailed and informative. We would highly recommend this company and him as an inspector. Thank you!!! - Liz and Matt Landry

August 17, 2019

Very satisfied with the home inspection through Hawkeye. Dan’s attention to detail really helped me as a first time home buyer and allowed me to really see the property with a different perspective. Well worth the cost (maybe a touch above average). I would recommend this company! - Amanda Sutherland

August 5, 2019


Hawkeye is a team of wonderful inspectors. Dan has done 3 inspections for my family and each time we felt incredibly happy we chose them. They are not rushed and were happy to go the extra mile in explaining what was going on with the houses. They always go above and beyond...and it seems it's because they truly love doing inspections. I wouldn't hire anyone else. - Alleah Friedrichs

June 30, 2019

Just writing to tell you that Daniel did AWESOME with my home inspection last week. So professional and personable. I have been through a lot of inspections over the years and I can honestly say that this was so incredibly different. I have never had anyone actually walk and talk through the inspection, explaining everything, so I knew what I was reading on the report. He started by asking if I had plans to do any remodeling or make any changes when I moved in so he could look make the necessary recommendations. I really learned a lot and feel so comfortable purchasing this property. The report itself was thorough and even included points to keep in mind for future maintenance/reference. I really could go on and on. It was such a different experience and I would recommend Hawkeye to anyone...actually I already have. - Julie S. Gordon

May 20, 2019

Hawkeye's Dan and Chris were professional, courteous and beyond thorough with the inspection of our prospective home. They kept us posted on their progress through the house, bringing things to our attention as necessary. They took their time to explain their findings and recommendations. The final report was comprehensive and easy to read. We feel confident that their findings helped us make the best decision regarding the home. - Gabriel Jackson


December 2, 2018

I would like to thank Hawkeye for the building inspection services they provided to us for the purchase of our home. Our inspector, Daniel Fox, was highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the inspection. He was very personable and patient while explaining the general process and specific considerations for this property. He took numerous pictures and provided a highly detailed report for use in negotiating the final adjustments in our Purchase & Sale Agreement.

Daniel also placed the necessary testing equipment for radon, arranged for its pickup with our Realtor, and followed up to make sure the lab report was provided in a very timely manner allowing us to meet an aggressive timeline to complete our building inspection process.

The end result allowed us to formulate fair requests for credits related to legitimate items in need of attention and also to give us a comprehensive understanding of all our building systems and designs for our future information in owning this home. I would highly recommend Hawkeye and Daniel to anyone seeking competent, timely, and reasonably priced home inspection services. - Bob G.

July 27, 2018


Dan Fox did en excellent job.  He came late on a Friday to do our inspection, and was extremely thorough. He explained everything in detail, and the report we received is now our checklist of projects to tackle when we move in to the house. 


The service was far superior to what we've experienced in the past with other inspectors.  We would highly recommend.

- Satisfied Waltham Residents

April 13, 2018

Everything went really smoothly.  Dan Fox did our inspection and was very thorough and knowledgeable.  I shadowed Dan on the inspection and learned a lot about the house. Things to be concerned about, non-issues and where all the shutoffs were.  Very open to questions and easy to talk with.  The whole process was great from initial schedule to receiving a detailed report the night of the inspection.  I'd use Hawkeye and Dan again in a heart beat and would recommend to family and friends.

- Mark Carlson

April 10, 2018


Hi! Dan was great. Super professional and personable. He had already covered a ton of ground before our scheduled start time. He was extremely thorough and provided clear explanations about everything. This is the 3rd time I've used a home inspector and he was far above any of my prior experiences. His thorough report - turned around hours after the inspection - was very impressive. Thank you for an excellent experience. - Liz G.

March 19, 2018

Hi Peter,


My husband and I were very happy with Dan, he did a great job. I'm so glad our realtor recommended your company. We will definitely be recommending to our friends! - Best, Meghan W.

March 1, 2018

"Also, we were both very impressed with the professionalism and courteousness of Hawkeye and Dan. We will personally refer them at any opportunity and encourage you to keep them right at the top of your list. " - Anonymous


August 29, 2017


We could not be more pleased with Dan Fox. It is rare that a consumer has the good fortune of working with someone as professional as Dan.


A great learning experience for us and a confidence that any major issues the house may have had would have been discovered by this pro. Thank you again.  - Richard & Brenda

April 6, 2016


“So let's face it, kids...buying a house is probably one of the most stressful and biggest purchases you'll ever make in your life and nothing in life has intellectually or emotionally prepared you to have any sort of knowledge or ability to figure out if the house you're buying is a Shelley Long/Tom Hanks caliber money pit (totally just gave away my age there lol)...so you learn pretty quickly that it's all about finding resources and contacts you can trust to help guide you through these decisions...the first major one being the home inspection. =)

I did my homework on home inspection companies in the area (I bought my house in Framingham) and based on the positive reviews, services offered, etc. decided Hawkeye was the right company for me. I saw words like thorough, friendly, detailed, knowledgeable, sense of humor and some other stuff like how detailed the reports were, etc. It also seemed to me that most of the negative reviews were based on unrealistic expectations and since overall the reviews were far better than any other inspectors I decided to go with Hawkeye.

I called up and got an appointment within the next 1-2 days to have my home inspected by Danny. Danny was awesome! He was on time, super pleasant and fun, incredibly thorough, took the time to explain the whole process to me before getting started and helped reel in my enthusiasm or flippant comments (about some things not being a big deal to me) while the realtors were around. =) What can I say I'm very excitable/heart on my sleeve lol.  Danny covered every corner, every outlet, every surface of my house (a single family house with 3 beds + study, roughly 1500-1600 sq. feet not including the small walk up attic, detached 1 car garage, large deck and full basement). On top of inspecting the house for any issues, Danny also walked me through some of the maintenance I would need to do as a homeowner (like did you know that your house has air filters you need to change depending on the heating system or how frequently you need to change them? or that you turn off the water that runs to your hose in winter? I didn't - until Danny told me lol) and prioritized the repairs for me and how long I had before I would need to make any repairs/updates. He also made himself available after the inspection to go over any questions I had once I got the report which came in real handy!

Aside from how great Danny was - the report you receive is also awesome. You’ll get a hard copy of the report in a binder with color pictures and explanations of the damage, etc. as well as a digital copy. That was really great, but the best thing about this whole process was not just the peace of mind I felt about buying my house because of the condition, but actually being walked through a lot of the homeowner stuff so I realized it wasn't as daunting as I thought. And let's face it - if you've got someone pleasant with you, everything's a lot better so having a friendly, pleasant (and patient lol) person to do the inspection really helps. I would expect no less on the being thorough and knowledgeable part but some people consider the nice, friendly, pleasant stuff optional so having someone as personable and friendly as Danny to take the fear out of the process was a real win for me personally.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Hawkeye and Danny again - no questions asked, no caveats, no hesitation.

- Ece Akturk

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