Our environmental testing enables you to make the decisions you need to in order to create a home with clean air and water.

Radon in Air Testing
Water Testing
Air Quality Testing
Mold Testing

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The Importance of Environmental Testing

At Hawkeye, we understand that home buying can be a stressful and costly process. However, cutting corners by not scheduling environmental testing is certainly not wise. Assuring the environmental safety of your home for years to come is our priority. Testing for radon, mold or analyzing the water or air quality has an effect on you and your family's health for years to come.

Exposure to radon is the second-leading cause of cancer. Testing for radon in air and water is crucial. Just because a radon in air reading is within the EPA limits does not mean that the reading for radon in water will be low. Both tests are crucial. Hawkeye offers a discount if both tests are ordered at the same time. We do not return to the property to test for radon in water after an inspection, so completing the test during the inspection is a good idea.

Mold and black mold, in particular, can have serious long term effects on your health. If you suspect mold in a home you are interested in buying or currently own, we can come out to perform a swab and/or air quality test for mold.

Consuming and washing with safe and healthy water is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. We offer a comprehensive test of your water, which is especially important if you use well water. If you have other water testing needs, beyond our comprehensive test, we are happy to accommodate you, providing the test is offered by our local lab.

More and more homeowners are beginning to be aware of the importance of healthy air. Many people are switching to all natural cleaners, linens and ecologically safe furniture that does not off-gas harmful chemicals. Our comprehensive air quality test may find unhealthy substances in your air that you were not aware of.

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Exposure to radon is estimated to be the second-leading cause of lung cancer, accounting for an estimated 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year (range of 8,000 to 45,000)


Sample Radon in Air CRM Report

Radon in Air Canisters (Testing with Charcoal Canisters), Service with Inspection Only - This test takes a minimum of 48 hours. The canisters can sit for a maximum of 96 hours. As the radon in air canisters are usually mailed upon test completion, it can take up to 7 - 11 days from the test completion date for the results to be delivered. $89.00

Radon in Air (Testing with Continuous Radon Monitor) - Service with Inspection and Service Alone - The radon monitor must sit for a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of 96 hours. The test results are available onsite in a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of 96 hours. Clients are emailed an Excel file with the results. The office must schedule CRM testing. The Testing with Continuous Radon Monitor cannot be scheduled online. $200.00, Service with Inspection, $295.00, Service Alone 

Radon in Water, Service with Inspection Only  - This test is especially important if the property has well water. A safe reading for a Radon in Air test does not ensure a safe reading for the level of radon in the water. For this reason, we encourage clients to order the Radon in Air and Water Combo Package. The package offers discounted rates on each of the tests. This test is only available with a home inspection and not as a stand-alone test. We do not return to the property to take additional tests after the inspection. $77.00

Radon in Air & Water Combo Package, Service with Inspection Only - $147.00

Read EPA Information on Drinking Water Contaminants – Standards and Regulations


EPA does not regulate private wells nor does it provide recommended criteria or standards for individual wells. Private well owners are responsible for the safety of their water.

About Water Testing

Water Testing We Offer:

- Water Analysis

- Water Quantity

About Water Analysis

Water is tested for these elements:

Alkalinity, Ammonia, Arsenic, Calcium, Chloride, Chlorine, Color, Conductivity, Copper, E-Coli Bacteria, Fluoride, Hardness, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Manganese, Nitrates, Nitrites, Odor, pH, Potassium, Sediment, Sodium, Sulfates, Total Coliform Bacteria, Turbidity

Testing samples are usually taken from a household tap. The test results are delivered in 3-5 business days.

This testing is available with the home inspection or as a stand-alone service.

Water Testing with Home Inspection: $295.00*

Water Testing Alone: $345.00*

About Water Quantity Testing for Well Water

Water quantity testing is only offered with the home inspection and not as a stand- alone service.

Quantity testing (flow testing) can be done upon request for any client. It must be scheduled before the date of the inspection, since it takes between 3-4 hours to complete and includes the 3-4 hour flow test to insure the well is in perfect working order and that the flow is acceptable for your particular application.

Water Quantity Testing with Home Inspection Only: $120.00

*The above standard pricing does not apply to some towns requiring more comprehensive water analysis.

Do I Need Water Testing?

Generally water testing is recommended for properties with well water. However, the decision to have water tested can include many factors. For peace of mind, it's not a bad idea to know the chemistry of the water you and your family consume on a daily basis.


Indoor Air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Your Home Should Be a Healthy Sanctuary

Your Home Should Not Make You Sick!
Bright Living Room
Clean Indoor Air = A Healthy Home

We want to inspire you to take charge of the health of your home or the home you may purchase. It's a big investment - so make sure that it's the ideal environment for you!

Our Comprehensive

Air Quality Testing


Every home  has mold spores, but only moisture will allow them to germinate.

Toxic mold can cause serious health symptoms such as respiratory problems, skin inflammation, hemorrhage, irritation of the mucous membranes, damage to internal organs, mental impairment, tiredness, nausea, immune system suppression and even lead to death.

Your homeowner's insurance policy may not cover mold damage.

Mold Testing

When a mold test is requested with no suspect conditions present, a minimum of 2 samples is required. When a mold test is requested with visible mold or other suspect conditions present, the number of samples varies subject to unique conditions of each subject property. Swab and/or air samples are taken. Fee includes 2 samples. Any necessary additional samples are $75.00 each.


Mold Testing with Home Inspection, $250.00 minimum for two samples with home inspection


Mold Testing - Service Alone,

$350.00 minimum for two samples

Mold testing is recommended before clean-up to determine the type of mold. The type of cleaning company required is determined from the test results. Names of companies that perform clean-up are provided once the type of mold is determined.

During a home inspection, we are always inspecting for mold presence. We only recommend testing if we strongly suspect a toxic mold to be present.

Black Mold - Stachybotrys is One of the Toxic Molds to Beware Of

Black mold is extremely dangerous to humans because it produces mycotoxins. It usually appears as a greenish-black gelatinous substance if near a water source. If  the source of moisture has dried up, it can appear powdery. If this kind of mold is suspected, it absolutely must be tested.


Hire Us to Perform Your Mold Inspection


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