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Devices to Make Living Easier for Seniors

There are some wonderful devices on the market to make living easier for seniors and those watching out for them.

1. Tracking Devices: There are various kinds on the market. Some have a chip to attach to a necklace and then a cell phone app which allows the location of the wearer to be monitored.

2. Door Alarms: These are ideal for seniors with dementia who may wander out of the home at a moment's notice. If the senior has a live-in caregiver then the alarm is very useful either when they are sleeping or are in another room and out-of-view of the senior.

There are some door alarms that you can attach to a bedroom door for example that will alert you of the senior's movements. Sometimes they come with message functions to remind the person passing by such as, "Dad, don't forget your cane" or "Mom, did you put on your shoes with the rubber treds?".

3. Smart Locks: These are wonderful to install if loss of door keys is a common occurrence. If WiFi access is available at the location, someone can remotely open the door for the senior with a simple phone app.

4. Flood Prevention Device: Devices such as NovaFlo can turn off bathtub or basin water when it reaches the overflow point. With forgetful seniors, this can prevent a lot of potential damage from flooding.

5. Anti-Scald Device: These are attached to a faucet or shower head to ensure the water stays at a safe temperature. They are easy to install and can offer peace of mind to those who have an older relative living alone.

6. Automatic Jar Opener: This is a great gadget for the kitchen that opens multiple sizes of jar lids. If someone is weak or has arthritis, this enables them to feel more independent in the kitchen.

7. Assistive Listening Headphones: This wireless device provides clear sound at a much louder volume for TVs and alleviates the noise pollution problem in close living quarters.

These are just a few of the many devices on the market today to enable seniors to live with more ease, less anxiety and dependence on others.

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