Fall Home Maintenance Task #1 - Schedule a Boiler/Furnace Tune-Up

Now is the time to start tackling the fall home maintenance tasks, so you are overwhelmed come September.

How about starting with your boiler/furnace? Schedule a tune-up.

Check ups should include the following. Make sure your technician covers these items

  • Safety Check: Test for airflow for carbon monoxide and gas leaks, inspection and tightening of electrical wiring, check for proper operation of safety controls, check vents

  • Maintenance: Lubrication of moving parts and cleaning of upper and lower combustion vents, burners, blower motor and blowout heat exchanger, changing of air filter

  • Operations Check: Test of ignition system, measurement of supply and return register temperature differences, inspection of thermostat and contacts for proper calibration and function

What You Can Do:

Replace your air filter if it's disposable and you can't see light coming through it (do this every three months or so)

Make sure the thermostat is on once the cold weather sets in and definitely replace the battery, to avoid any surprise shutdowns during the coldest months

Turn up the heat setting a bit above where you normally would have it for a pre-season operational check

Open the vents: If you close too many the pressure in your furnace increases and it works harder to heat the home.

Stay tuned for Task #2

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