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Hawkeye Now Offers Certified Living in Place Inspections

Peter Ottowitz is now a Certified Living in Place Professional - CLIPP™ .

CLIPP in not just for those who are older or differently abled, but for all homes.

This is a fundamental shift to a simpler, complete approach to making ALL homes more accessible, comfortable and safe.

Do You Know the Facts?

Current Homes

Only 1% of the current housing stock have zero-step entrances to the home, single floor living, wide hallways and doors, electrical controls reachable from a wheelchair, and lever style handles on faucets and doors. Varying Challenges

According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau:

  • 56.7 million non-institutionalized individuals have varying abilities that affect their daily activities

  • 38.3 individuals have a severe disability

  • 12.3 million individuals age 6 and up need personal assistance with their daily activities


  • Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries of older adults.

An Accessible, Safe and Comfortable Home Might Include the Following:

  • Door Handle Levers

  • Grab and Towel Bars

  • Induction Cooking

  • Lateral Sliding Cabinet Doors

  • Sink Basin with Hand Holds

  • Curbless Showers

  • Self-Cleaning Toilets

  • LED Lighting

  • Vertical Platform Lifts

  • Smart Home Controls

  • Emergency Information Documents

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