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How to Maintain Healthy Indoor Air Quality – Step 5: Air Purifiers

One key addition to any modern home is an air purifier. While your HVAC may have great filters, you really need a device to thoroughly clean the air. Indoor air can be 5 times as polluted as the outdoor air. A typical household can have many toxins such as





Industrial emissions


Nitrogen dioxide (from gas stoves and car exhausts)



Ultra-fine particles


Volatile organic compounds

In earlier articles toxins from paint, furniture, carpets, flooring and remodeling were mentioned. Be cautious of what comes into the home.

Choosing an air purifier can be confusing. Check online reports. A good air purifier will destroy formaldehyde molecules and other serious toxins, purify an entire room, be ozone free and environmentally friendly. Multi-stage filtration and negative ions dispersed into the air are common features of good air purifiers. Some purifiers can shift modes, if they detect a high concentration of a toxin, such as allergens. Having a display that shows the level/state of the air quality in the room is also a nice feature. #airquality #airfilter #airpurifier #airtoxinx #toxinsinthehome #purifyhomeair #sourceofhometoxins


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