Organizers for Seniors

by Hawkeye Safety Audits

There are a variety of ways to help seniors get more organized. Better organization can save lives, prevent accidents and afford greater peace of mind.

Organizer Notebook

There are various organizer binders available for seniors. Some of them are very comprehensive and cover all aspects of a senior's life that serve as reminders and resources for the senior, in addition to providing information to those that provide care for them regularly or those who need to take care of them and their affairs during a crisis. Some areas an organizer covers can include the following:

1.   Organization, tracking and scheduling of medication and caregiver information

2.   Record of appointments and engagements

3.   List of important contact information for relatives and health care professionals

4.   Information on the kinds of questions a senior should be asking their health care professionals

5.   Information on specific medical conditions

6.   "What to do if" information for emergencies 7.   Financial forms and information on accounting

8.   General information about a home's maintenance

9.   Legal information

10. Safety and security information

11. FAQ information for caregivers

Pill and Supplement Box

These boxes usually contain 7 or 14 small compartments for each day of the week. Seniors can put the medication and supplements they need to take in each box labeled "AM" or "PM". This is a must have for seniors whose health is largely dependent on medication and supplements.

Professional Organizer

The field of professional organization has skyrocketed in the last 20 years, because there are fewer and fewer stay-at-home moms. Having life run smoothly depends largely on living in an organized environment. Seniors need extra organization and labeling so they can remember where their belongings are and develop a system of keeping possessions organized to avoid confusion. Home organization can alleviate a lot of stress, especially for seniors who spend most of their time at home. It's well worth the investment to hire someone.

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