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Some Important Feng Shui Tips to Help You Sell a Home – Part 1












1. It is important to find the wealth/prosperity corner for the home seller. Many feng shui books use a map that tells you how to find the wealth corner, according to the front door. However, this is usually not accurate. The wealth corner of the home seller is determined by the date of their birth. If there is more than one seller, then pick one. Some feng shui resources online and books explain how to calculate this. Marie Diamond, the master feng shui expert who appears in the movie "The Secret", has DVDs that explain this. Visit her website at for free e-books, daily motivators and newsletters. If you email her with the homeowner's date of birth, she may provide you with information on their wealth corner.

Once you find the wealth corner, it is important to arrange it to attract prosperity. A fountain might be placed there or shiny objects such as a silver teapot set or coins. A list of the homeowner’s goals can be placed there along with a vision board that might include a picture of a sold home.

2. In feng shui, each corner and side of the home represents a certain aspect of life. Colors have a specific energy and they belong in certain parts of the home. In her book The Very Simple Law of Attraction, Marie Diamond describes the meanings and energies of various colors. She helps you to determine the specific colors that work in each area of the home. A toned down gold color is very important for the main areas of the home (not the kitchen), since it is a color that attracts wealth and good fortune. Gold is an excellent color for the front door. It's what people see first, when they approach the home. Beware of gold leaf as a color as this might bring prosperity that doesn’t stick around for long.

3. The way 'chi' or energy flows through a home is an integral part of the science of feng shui. The flow should be smooth, not sharp, and not stagnant or overly energized.

Here are some examples to illustrate this:

Attract the best 'chi' or energy to the home by making sure the front door and surrounding area is attractive, well-maintained and clean. If there is a window or door opposite the front door (not blocked by walls, etc.) then there is a hole in the house. Energy and prosperity will flow right out that opposite window or door, even if it is far away such as down a hallway. Find a way to change the path of that chi with a plant, furniture or other objects, so that it meanders or winds more around soft, curvy edges.

a. Close the bathroom door and toilet seat cover. Energy and prosperity will flow right down the drain, if this pathway of energy is not blocked. Also, in some kitchens, it is best if the kitchen sink cannot be viewed from the rest of the home, since money can flow right down this drain too. If there is no door to cover the view of the kitchen, then you can put a plant near the sink to slow down the energy or cover the sink with a plain, clean cover of some sort.

b. Position furniture in a favorable way. When someone enters the living area, a seat or couch should face them. It lets guests and clients know that they are welcome. In the bedroom, the bed should face the door, but not be positioned directly opposite it. As you open the door, you would view it diagonally across the room.

c. If there are cluttered shelves, then it is best to cover them with a beautiful piece of cloth that acts like a cabinet door or install cabinet doors. If any objects are piled high - over the height of people's heads - then they will feel out of control and overwhelmed. Beware of very high kitchen cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling.

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