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Good to Know about Mold

adapted from InterNACHI

Mold can be tricky to discover, because often times the location of its growth is not readily visible, as it maybe located in hard to view spots or inside walls. It can be extremely dangerous to human health, depending on the type of mold and the health of the individual.

Most people with healthy immune systems can inhale a few random spores without serious consequences. However, people whose immune systems are compromised by lung disease, asthma or allergies can develop serious or even fatal fungal infections from mold spore levels that wouldn’t affect most people. If you are among those with sensitive immune systems, you may want to have your home tested for mold. Nearly every home has some mold, and mold colonies can grow very quickly, given the right conditions. Mold can be a safety concern, but it often isn’t. The dangers represented by mold are a controversial subject. #mold #dangersofmold #moldandyourhealth #moldfreehome #unhealthyimmunesystem #moldspores

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