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How to Maintain Healthy Indoor Air Quality - Step 1: Winter Concerns

Poor indoor air quality during winter is more of a serious issue than most people realize. It can lead to long-term illness and greatly aggravate those with compromised health conditions such a asthma.

STEP 1 - Keep an extremely clean indoor environment.

This consists of the following:

- Vacuum regularly, especially with a HEPA filter - so as to not re-pollute the air.

- Keep filth from shoes and boots to a minimum. Set up a 'mud room' type area near the doors to the outside where residents can wipe off shoes/boots and slip into clean indoor shoes or slippers. This will cut down on the amount of times you need to vacuum, which is especially important if your vacuum doesn't have a HEPA filter.

- Dust all surfaces regularly. Pet hairs can contribute to bad air quality so make sure to check all surfaces for dust and irritants such as pet fur. Brush and clean your pet regularly and keep them off of counter tops and other such surfaces.

- Clean your ducts. Dirt and dust can build up in ducts and cause major respiratory issues.

- Make sure that you are cleaning/disinfecting with earth-friendly substances such as vinegar. There's nothing worse than polluting the air with cleaning products when you're trying to clean the air and create a safe environment for your health.



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